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I have been managing Google ad campaigns since 2002

raphy2016-3Raphael Cohen specializes in the management of Google Adwords campaigns for corporate clients. Raphael has been in the search engine ranking business since 2000, and started with Google Adwords since its launch in 2002. With a background in advertising design, SEO and pay per click, Raphael has implemented advertising strategies for large and small companies.

My online advertising experience

  • 10+ years experience in PPC online advertising on Adwords, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and SEO for top Canadian Corporations like Bell Canada, Intact Insurance, Ultramar and The Royal Canadian Mint, Excel reporting and campaign analysis, strong background in graphic ad design
  • Analyzed and reported return on ad spend using Omniture, weekly and monthly progress and revenue, keyword research and bidding strategies and recommendations
  • Managed and reported on multi-million dollar campaigns for the Royal Canadian Mint, oversaw thousands of text, image, and remarketing ads, gave bidding recommendations and implemented CPC cost-per-click adjustments to keywords and ads and monitored revenue versus spend
  • Copywriting and management of text ads, keywords research and bid strategies for Disney, DC Comics, Nascar, Major League Baseball and other mint products
  • Omniture tracking html URL codes and weekly classifications
  • PPC Excel reporting on Adwords and Bing, Facebook, Gmail advertising networks. Calculated weekly and monthly total spending calculated orders and revenue, return on ad spend from Omniture, calculated Share of voice from Bing and Adwords

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